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  1. The Decision of the Adjudicator is final.

  2. Competitors must be under the stated age on December 31st 2019.

  3. The Closing Date for Entries is Friday October 18th Entry Fees must accompany all entries.

  4. Entry Forms must be completed in Capital Letters to avoid incorrect name spellings.

  5. Choirs must not exceed 60.

  6. Competitors must be entered on the official Entry Form which can be downloaded from this site.

  7. All completed Entry Forms must be returned to Mary Hanley, 3a Sea Road, Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow.

  8. The Festival Committee reserves the right to refuse an invalid entry.

  9. Certain classes require a minimum number of entries - should this number not be attained, these competitions may not run subject to the discretion of the Committee.

  10. Competitors must be accompanied by the Official Accompanist, except in Choral Competitions. Music for the Accompanist must be submitted with the official Entry Form in Own Choice Categories.

  11. Competitors must sing with piano accompaniment which will be played only in the in the published key.

  12. Competitors intending to sing in other keys MUST FORWARD WITH THEIR ENTRY a copy of transposed music.

  13. A Competitor may not sing or play more than once in any one ensemble competition.

  14. Pat Byrne Memorial Cup is confined to competitors residing in Kilquade parish. The Entrants must not have won any competitions in the festival in previous years.

  15. In the Verse-speaking competitions, the test piece must be chosen from the options listed. Intending Competitors needing copies should contact Mary Hanley or Michelle McKenna using contact details from this website.

  16. Orchestras and ensemble groups must bring their own music stands.

  17. Competitors are responsible for the tuning of their own instrument where applicable. Competitors or an accompanying Parent/Teacher must be able to tune competitors instruments - the festival is not responsible for tuning competitors instruments.

  18. All Trophies won in 2018 should be engraved and returned not later than September 20th 2019 to Mary Hanley, 3a Sea Road, Kilcoole.

  19. Competitors must provide 2 copies of Own Choice music to be performed with the Official Entry Form, for the Adjudicator and the Accompanist.  Entries without these will be deemed invalid. Competitors should bring the original copyrighted version of all their music on the day of the competition.

  20. Any concerns/issues during the festival should be brought to the attention of a member of the committee, please do not approach Accompanists/ Adjudicators etc. with any issues.

  21. Irrespective of the number of entries, if in the opinion of the Adjudicator, a sufficiently high standard is not met in any class, Trophies and Medals may be withheld.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Kilcoole Music Festival 2022 will not run.  The Festival Committee wishes everyone well and we look forward to welcoming everyone back during better times in the future.

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